About Us

Blue World City is owned jointly by Mr. Saad Nazir & Ch. Nadeem Ejaz as equal partners. Together, they represent BGC-IGC Consortium along with Ch. Nadeem Ejaz & Ch. Naeem Ejaz owns Imperium Group of Companies, while Mr. Saad Nazir & Mr. Burair Nazir Blue Group of Companies.

They joined the real estate market together as partners equal in the year 2018 in Rawalpindi and Blue World City, Blue World City is the main project. Later, another housing development Blue Town was introduced in Lahore as part of the joint partnership of BGC and IGC.

While in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Blue Hills – A Farm Housing Project, Blue World Trade Center – The Tallest Business Address of the Twin Cities, Awami Complex – A Low-Cost Housing Project; Sports Valley – Featuring Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium and Down Town, A commercial Hub– Along Side M-2 Motorway are also being developed simultaneously. The consortium is currently working on the concept of several other projects in JV agreements with other groups. These comprise Shenzhen City, Premier Enclave, both in Lahore, and Silver Stone City in Rawalpindi in the name of ALLAH.

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