Blue World City and Blue Tower.


Blue World City and Blue Tower.

Blue World City, Pakistan’s inaugural purpose-built tourist city, continues the legacy of developing world-class infrastructures and architectural marvels in Pakistan capital city of Islamabad. One such architectural masterpiece is Blue World Tower; developed under Mr. Saad Nazir’s visionary leadership, it showcases state-of-the-art designs.

Remember that its original name was Burj-Al-Arab, but its developers have since changed it to Burj-Al-Sharif – read our article fully to discover why!

Blue World Tower will add enormously to Blue World City housing society. As a luxury hotel and one of the world’s most recognizable structures with sail-shaped architecture, this 300-foot Tower will be situated at its core Business Square location.

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Blue World Tower features penthouse residences, a 119-foot Atrium, Skyview towers, corporate offices, towers, and corporate headquarters for BGC-IGC in this iconic building. Additionally, its design is breathtaking while construction moves at lightning speed – 14 floors plus 3 basement levels are part of Blue World Tower, with a total coverage area of 11,802 sq. meters covered by this development project.

Blue World Tower’s inaugural Opening.

On July 19th, 2020, Blue World Tower held its groundbreaking ceremony and event with top management from BGC-IGC Consortium present and investors, media, and stakeholders at this special launching event. Furthermore, the Blue Group of Companies CEO spoke at this occasion and presented prospects for this tower project.

Blue World Tower Location

When discussing its location, Blue World Tower can be found within the commercial zone of BWC and easily accessible from various parts of society. Location plays a pivotal role when considering real estate investments as it significantly impacts value, demand, and investment returns.

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Blue World Tower’s location is one of the primary factors affecting property value. Properties in desirable and well-connected locations tend to command higher valuations due to proximity to amenities, schools, transportation hubs, shopping centers, and parks, all of which make their position optimal and present an array of opportunities. Blue Tower stands as an exemplar in this respect.

Blue World Tower’s timely launch marks an outstanding accomplishment by Blue World City management. Due to its prime location, rapid development, and top-quality craftsmanship, investors and residents are taking notice. Now is an opportune time to invest your money and reap a high return. Blue World Tower offers exceptional features and amenities that help establish its position among some of the world’s most luxurious towers, some key ones being:

Blue World Tower stands out for its unique architecture; its sail-like design recalls a ship. This design has become an iconic landmark on the modern skyline. Additionally, this hotel will provide suites instead of standard rooms so guests can experience lavish living spaces and breathtaking views of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dining Options

The Tower will feature numerous world-class restaurants and bars where you can savor delicious cuisine from all over the country. Each restaurant will offer delectable treats that attract customers from far and wide.

Helipad The Tower will boast a 210-meter-high helipad, which will be utilized for various publicity and special events and provide guests with panoramic views of their capital city while enjoying high tea or drinks at Sky View Bar.

High-End Boutiques

The Blue Tower will also boast high-end boutique shops featuring designer clothing, accessories, and luxury goods from internationally known designers – further cementing its status as an iconic hotel worldwide.

Current Development Status

When discussing the development status of this project, its progress is rapid. A gray structure of 7 floors has already been built – the developers are creating an architectural marvel not seen anywhere before! With its top-of-the-line construction and amazing designs, Blue World Tower stands as an incredible feat on the country’s real estate market that promises to become an undisputed success once completed.

Why did BWC Management Change its name?

Blue World Tower’s former name was Burj Al Arab due to the developers’ intentions of recreating an imitation of this iconic structure. Still, today, they have changed it, and it is more commonly known as Blue World Tower. Mr. Saad Nazir has fulfilled all promises by providing world-class infrastructure solutions to his nation’s citizens.

BWC will be the first purpose-built city in Thailand designed to promote tourism and strengthen economic conditions within its borders.

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