Rumi Square


Rumi Square

Rumi Square Blue World City Islamabad is ideal for commercial and residential investment properties. The city will aid in promoting values that are in the heart of our nation’s rich cultural heritage and will help achieve economic development.

It is believed that Blue World City is among the highest-rated construction projects in Pakistan at the moment. If you’re in the market to buy an apartment, it’s the best location. We have everything you require, hoping to offer the best standard of living.. Housing societies provide a myriad of amenities; however, we anticipate your needs and will meet these needs before you have even asked.

Rumi Square

Blue World City Islamabad is the first city in Pakistan specifically designed for economic growth. Blue Group Blue Group created this project and Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company constructed it. It’s a great investment because it’s located near the CPEC Road as well as it’s close to the Chakri Interchange and equipped with all the amenities that investors want. It’s also reasonably priced and offers an easy payment system. The project has already caught the interest from Chinese investors, who believe that it’s an economic success.

Residents can enjoy a tranquil lifestyle in the two major cities of Pakistan. Foreign Pakistanis are also able to take advantage of commercial and residential opportunities. The intention is to offer you the highest yielding investment opportunity and make sure that your time in Pakistan is among the most luxurious experiences you can have.

The housing society is located near the motorway Lahore-Islamabad which is also called M-2. It’s easy to access in both directions, which means it’s simple to travel within the vicinity (like Lahore and the neighborhoods surrounding Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore). It’s located at a distance from major cities, giving its residents peace and security. You can live an enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle in this area. It encompasses 10,000 acres. We have divided it into subsections for better management and proper facilitation to every member of the area.

Jalal Mohammad Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and saint who reshaped the realm of wisdom and knowledge through his distinctive style and method. Rumi’s influence spanned nations and impacted cultures with thousands of devotees visiting the shrine of his in Konya.

Blue World City has named one of its main squares in honor of Maulana Rumi called Rumi Square. They have erected the exact chiseled statue of the famous saint in his edgy swirl pose. The sculpture, which is 70 feet tall and lit at night, will captivate visitors with its spirituality-infused aura.

In tribute to Jalal ud Din Mohammad, an Islamic saint of the 13th century, 70 feet tall sculpture will be made that is precisely chiseled in his dervish swirl pose and will be night-lit with an appearance of spirituality to attract and mesmerize the residents, visitors, and tourists alike.

So, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to experience this beautiful area and book your plots right now by contacting us for the best offers and prices.

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